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Prezzi ridotti! XVIVE - V15 Tone Shaper

XVIVE - V15 Tone Shaper


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* Bulk up your guitar tone with a click of a switch
* Kick into your solo with a burst of tone
* Two-Band Equalizer
* Two multi-pole sharp cutoff filters 
* Up to 6db Gain
* Works with bass or guitar 
* Maximizes tone flexibility of instrument 
* Lows/Highs/Level Controls
* Excellent dynamic response
* Simple, easy to use design
* 100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry
* “Effects on” indicator light
* Original XVIVE tone
* Micro pedal package 
* Durable all-metal housing


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XVIVE - V15 Tone Shaper

XVIVE - V15 Tone Shaper