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Caline - CP-30 - "Red Devil" Heavy Metal


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A high gain distortion pedal from Caline with a mini EQ which lets you tweak the Bass, Mids and Treble. The two way switch sounds a little smoother on Vintage and defined on Modern. This combined the with volume and gain controls let you experiment with a range of useable heavy distortion tones. This pedal to our ears may be influenced by the Wampler Triple Wreck. The Red Devil is very durably built with a true bypass footswitch. Takes a 9v battery or power supply.

The VINTAGE MODERN shift level: "Red Devil" is an aggregate of the classic distortion and fierce tube-like plus heavy metal pedal. A very rich timbre, great dynamic range effect.

Three powerful EQ bands,with isolated bass, mid and treble.

GAINVOLUME controls for awesome sound shaping. 

As soon as possible to adapt to all kinds of music style, meet from classic rock to modern heavy metal.



1. True bypass

2. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative

3. Current consumption: 30mA

4. Product Dimensions: 11.2x6.4x3.4cm

5. Weight:0.23kgs


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Caline - CP-30 - "Red Devil" Heavy Metal

Caline - CP-30 - "Red Devil" Heavy Metal