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Caline - CP-29 - White Heat Mixing Boost


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A simple transparent boost pedal from Caline - the CP-29 White Heat. Pushing the Gain control up further can provide more of a full rich overdrive tone. Lower settings provide a subtle and incredibly transparent boost. Great with either a clean or distorted amp which needs that little bit of a push. The White Heat comes in a durable and attractive metal enclosure with a sturdy true bypass footswitch. Takes either 9v batteries or a 9v power supply.

The pre-amplifier gives you a more powerful sound to the head and produces a consistant timbre to the low and high frequency sounds.

The control of the volume output and gain output give a more flexible and richer combination of boosted timbre.


1. True bypass

2. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative

3. Current consumption: 30mA

4. Product Dimensions: 11.2x6.4x3.4cm

5. Weight:0.23kgs


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Caline - CP-29 - White Heat Mixing Boost

Caline - CP-29 - White Heat Mixing Boost